About Hungry4Code

Hungry4code is an online platform where software developer will find useful contents, articles, solutions, reusable codes, ready to use templates and even a complete web application. Currently we are in first phase. In this phase we are focused on content providing that may help someone. In future we will provide many things to our visitors. Thanks for visiting Hungry4Code. Please stay with us for more features and useful contents.

About My-self

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Mr. Bhola Kr. Khawas

Full-Stack Developer

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

Hello! I am Bhola kr. Khawas a self motivated/self taught software developer. It's really fun for me to learn new technology and present it on my perspective. So here I post contents that will help someone in his/her software development career. I have worked on various projects on past few years. Through Hungry4Code I will try to share some of my personal experience and knowledge I gained in my software development career. If you have any suggestion and feedbacks please let me know. Thanks.